Windows Time Server and Time Client.

Email encryption made easy
Whatever your privacy needs, we have an email encryption solution to suit. Whether you are a home user, small company or large corporation needing to secure your communications, we can help. Our SecEx Mail range of products can be client or server based and really take the pain out of securing your communication.
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Time is money
Having the right time on your network is becoming more and more important in todays world.
Many industries are forced by government or the threat of litigation to not only have the correct time but also be able to prove it. Our PresenTense range of time products make life easy.
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Support And Customer Service
Timely support is the cornerstone of any business relationship. Our experienced support engineers, backed up by our programming team ensure that you receive professional support, fast. We realize that not everybody is an expert at our products. Fortunately we are and we're here to help.
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Reliable Products
Have you ever bought software and felt more like a beta tester than a customer? Are you tired of the endless upgrade cycle of some products? Welcome to Bytefusion software. We do the development and testing and let you, the customer, get on with your work.
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Latest News:
PresenTense Time Server 5.1 is almost ready for release!
PresenTense Time Client 5.1 released More >>
Our Swedish customers can now purchase PresenTense Time Server from Alarma WebShop, including support in Swedish and English.More >>

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