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Version 4.1 released!

If you purchased PresenTense Time Server after midnight (GMT), 5th March 2006, then this is a free upgrade. Contact support for details.

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PresenTense Time Server - Advantages at a glance

  • Accurate and reliable ( microsecond accuracy, 24/7 availability )
  • Easy to install and maintain ( most users up and running in less than a minute )
  • Versatile (able to use almost any reference time source including GPS and internet time servers )
  • Low total cost of ownership ( support included meaning no yearly support fees )

Technical facts And Features for PresenTense Time Server

USB disconnect recovery support
Update BIOS/CMOS clock regularly
Email notification upon error - now supports SMTP AUTH
Selective binding to interfaces on multihomed hosts
Configurable polling for GPS clocks upon COM port failure
Low cost of ownership, no yearly fees and support included
Multi protocol time server
Synchronizes to almost any true time source
Powerful configuration settings
High degree of accuracy
Offers time services to clients via your PC
Synchronizes to GPS receivers supporting the NMEA 0183 protocol
Drivers for many reference clocks including Spectracom and Hopf
Accurate, inexpensive and reliable
Supports SNTP, UDP, TCP and NTP3 / NTP4 time server protocols

Simultaneously supports clients using different time protocols

NTP drivers for many GPS Receivers included
Free Run Support
Automatic compensation for system clock drift
Redundancy if time source unavailable
Runs as a true Time Server System Service
Highly Customizable
Remote Monitoring and Administration
Advanced statistical filtering to give high accuracy
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