Windows Time Server

Admin Tab

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Service Status


This panel indicates if the PresenTense Time Server service is running or stopped. Use the buttons to start and/or stop the service.




Use this button to conveniently access Windows date/time functions.


NTP/GPS Clock Information


If NTP Time Source is enabled, information about the NTP time source will be shown. If GPS Time Source is  enabled, information about the GPS time source will be shown and if neither are activated then this section is disabled. If activated, the following information is shown:


Current Stratum - The current stratum of PresenTense Time Server

Last Synchronization - How long since PresenTense Time Client synchronized with a time source

Synchronization Results - Shows the result of the last three attempts to synchronize with the upstream time source. Green depicts success whilst red depicts failure


SNTP Information


Only enabled if the SNTP Time Source option is enabled and if available, shows information about the following:


Last Correction - The time and value of the last correction PresenTense Time Client made to the local Windows clock

Drift Compensation - The last noted drift compensation

Offset From Time Source - Shows the last noted difference between the local Windows clock and the upstream time source

Current Stratum - The current stratum of PresenTense Time Client

Last Logged Error - The last error found in the Windows Application Event Log which was generated by PresenTense Time Client


Note: The Event Logging level should be set to Detailed otherwise some information may not be available.


Making configuration changes through the user interface requires administrator privileges.

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