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NTP4 Query Command Line Tool
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The NTP4 Query Command Line Tool allows you to troubleshoot and benchmark the performance of the NTP4 Plug-in. This tool is included free with PresenTense Time Server. To view all available commands, type "help". To view the current synchronization status of your computer, type "peer" - this will display important information about each remote accurate time source. Some important parameters are documented below :

· reach - a positive value indicates if PresenTense has been able to communicate with this server.  

· offset - this value denotes the current clock offset to the accurate time source in milliseconds.  

· jitter - this value denotes the variance in server response times.  

Please note that it is normal for the NTP4 Plug-in to observe your system clock drift for several minutes before making its first system time adjustment. The NTP4 query command line tool is a companion program of the NTP4 Plug-in.


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