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NTP4 Plug-In Driver Troubleshooting

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If your GPS or radio clock is listed as supported or you have a clock model which you feel is compatible with a clock listed under NTP4 Plug-In Drivers and your clock is unable to communicate with PresenTense Time Server, kindly let us know. Please submit a detailed problem report by email to listing details of both the operating system and service pack information of your computer as well as the exact model number and description of your GPS or radio clock.


Additionally, we request that you submit a serial port capture, showing the interaction between PresenTense Time Server and your clock. This will confirm to us that your PC hardware is operating correctly and that your GPS or radio clock is properly connected to your PC. The serial port capture will also help us troubleshoot the interaction between your clock and PresenTense Time Server. We request that you submit your serial port capture as a  ".lgs" file as produced by the HHD Serial Port Monitor.  A sample serial port capture showing the interaction between PresenTense Time Server and an Arbiter GPS receiver is displayed below.




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