Windows Time Auditor

Network & Audit Trail Configuration

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The network configuration screen displays settings for the primary, secondary and tertiary audit trails. Use this screen to set the national UTC ( Coordinated Universal Time) sources for PresenTense NTP Auditor and the associated audit intervals. Audits are performed automatically by the PresenTense NTP Auditor background service at the specified intervals or in response to time changes between intervals - the graphical user interface may be closed safely after network and audit trail configuration has been completed. Kindly observe the access policies of the operators as detailed in the "Policy" field.


The IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of a local GPS clock can be entered if Local GPS Clock One, Two or Three is chosen as the auditing authority. If a FQDN, such as is used, it must resolve on the local network in order for PresenTense NTP Auditor to function.


network configuration

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