PresenTense Time Server/Client Suite

PresenTense Time Server and Time Client The right time on your network is becoming increasingly important with many industries being regulated by government or the threat of litigation to not only have the correct time but also be able to prove it. Our PresenTense range of time products have since 1998 been maintaining the correct time in worldwide locations from the deepest oceans to outer space and everywhere in between.
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One Year Upgrade Guarantee

Have you ever bought software and felt more like a beta tester than a customer? Are you tired of the endless upgrade cycle of some products? Welcome to Bytefusion software. We do the development and testing and let you, the customer, get on with your work and we prove this by offering a one year upgrade guarantee.
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Support and Customer Service

Timely support is the cornerstone of any business relationship and our experienced support engineers, backed up by our programming team ensure that you receive fast and professional support. We realize that not everybody is an expert at our products but fortunately we are and we're here to help!
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Email Encryption

Our free email encryption products have been moved to so please visit this site for downloading our encryption products as well as PresenTense Time Client and PresenTense Time Server.

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