List Prices for Bytefusion Software

All prices shown are list price and are for electronic delivery only. Bulk discounts are available upon request. If you are ordering via a reseller, prices may be higher as these are the prices we charge resellers and end users alike and your agent may add a surcharge. All prices shown are in US Dollars however we do accept Euro and Sterling. We can drop-ship bulk orders of CD's. In the US, minimum order is 500 CD's. Contact us for further details.

SKU Product List Price
ntp-pts-01 PresenTense Time Server for Windows $195.95
ntp-ptc-01 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - Single Client License $39.95
ntp-ptc-02 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - 20 Client License Pack $479.95
ntp-ptc-10 PresenTense Time Client for Windows - Site License
Including LANTime Analyzer limited edition
ntp-pta-01 PresenTense NTP Auditor Single Client $59.95
ntp-pta-02 PresenTense NTP Auditor - 20 Client Pack $719.95
ntp-pta-10 PresenTense NTP Auditor - Site License $989.95
ntp-lta-01 Lan Time Analyzer Standard (20 clients) $79.95
ntp-lta-02 Lan Time Analyzer Professional (unlimited clients) $195.95
ntp-ptc-11 PresenTense 98 Time Client - Single Client $39.95
ntp-ptc-12 PresenTense 98 Time Client - 20 Client License $79.95
ntp-ptc-13 PresenTense 98 Time Client - Site License $199.95
upg-pts-01 Upgrade PresenTense Time Server - Any version to latest $78.38
upg-ptc-01 Upgrade PresenTense Time Client, Single License - Any version to latest $15.98
upg-ptc-02 Upgrade PresenTense Time Client, 20 License - Any version to latest $191.98
upg-ptc-10 Upgrade PresenTense Time Client, Site License - Any version to latest $319.98
upg-lta-01 Upgrade LAN Time Analyzer, Standard - Any version to latest $31.98
upg-lta-02 Upgrade LAN Time Analyzer, Professional - Any version to latest $78.38