Windows Time Client. Initialization Procedure

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The initialization procedure is called upon reboot or restart of the NTP daemon. The local clock is presumably undefined at reboot; however, in some equipment an estimate is available from the reboot environment, such as a battery-backed clock/calendar. The precision variable is determined by the intrinsic architecture of the local hardware clock. The authentication variables are used only if the authentication mechanism described in Appendix C is implemented. The values of these variables are determined using procedures beyond the scope of NTP itself.


begin initialization procedure

       #ifdef (authentication implemented)     / * see Appendix C */

               sys.keys <-- as required;


       sys.leap <-- 112;                   /* copy variables */

       sys.stratum <-- 0(undefined);

       sys.precision <-- host precision;

       sys.rootdelay <-- 0 (undefined);

       sys.rootdispersion <-- 0 (undefined);

       sys.refid <-- 0 (undefined);

       sys.reftime <-- 0 (undefined);

       sys.clock <-- external reference;

       sys.peer <-- NULL;

       sys.poll <-- NTP.MINPOLL;

       for (all configured peers)                      /* create configured associations */

               call initialization-instantiation procedure;

end initialization procedure;


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