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Time Server / Client Remote Management

Adding and Removing Clients

You can add and remove PresenTense time clients to the database of Lan Time Analyzer using the tool bar or the application menu. To add a client via the tool bar click the _bm2 button. This will invoke the New PresenTense Client dialog. You may specify either a DNS name, NETBIOS hostname, or the IP address of the time client. Ensure that you have name resolution configured on your network if you use either DNS or NETBIOS hostnames.

adding clients

Click the _bm4 button on the tool bar to remove selected clients from the database.
Automatically Adding Time Clients

To automatically scan your network for PresenTense Time Clients, Click the Advanced menu and choose Scan. Enter the starting and ending IP addresses and click Scan.
Note: You can only scan address ranges in the fourth octet (class C) of the IP address.


Hint: If your network has a high load or you are scanning a remote network, increase the delay time between IP addresses to allow clients to respond.