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Time Server / Client Remote Management

Alarm Settings

Alarm settings determine what action Lan Time Analyzer takes when one ore more parameters exceed preset boundaries.

One possible scenario is the failure of a GPS clock resulting in an error condition on the associated network time server. If Lan Time Analyzer is configured to verify the nominal root dispersion on the time server, an alarm condition will result if the time server is unable to reestablish communication with the GPS clock before its own BIOS clock drift exceeds the preset limit on the nominal root dispersion. One possible response to this error is to launch a third party application that notifies your system administrator of the alarm condition, via phone, fax, email, pager, etc. At a minimum, you might wish create an error report on the local system.

To configure the alarm settings, click the _bm7 button on the tool bar. This will invoke the Alarm Settings dialog.

alarm settings