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Time Server / Client Remote Management

Quick Start

Network time analysis involves measuring the machine times at hosts on the network against a true time source and interpreting the results in the context of nominal and statistical errors. Lan Time Analyzer lets you verify the accuracy of your ntp/sntp time server and time clients, and lets you adjust operating parameters on clients to meet your time keeping requirements.

To get started, you need to:

Configure a true time server
Add your time clients to the database

Click the _bm21 fetch remote times button on the tool bar.

Lan Time Analyzer then synchronizes the PC on which it operates to the configured true time source and measures clients against this benchmark. It also determines the nominal error of the true time source. Please refer to Interpreting the User Interface for details.

Clients that exceed acceptable error limits may need to be configured to synchronize to a different server, use a different time protocol, or simply poll their time server more often to compensate for excessive BIOS clock drift.

Once your network operates within established parameters, you may wish to define alarm conditions and configure alarm actions to be carried out when alarm conditions are met.

You may restart time services on Presentense time clients via the network, by clicking the _bm22 remote restart button on the tool bar.
To force time clients to synchronize to their time server, click the _bm23 remote synchronize button.