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Using the Query Tool
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The Query Tool gives the user of Lan Time Analyzer access to the full command set of PresenTense time clients. This command set constitutes the foundation of inter-process communication between Lan Time Analyzer and PresenTense time clients.

To activate the query tool, click the _bm12 query tool button on the tool bar. This will invoke the query tool dialog with the focus on the Time Client tab.

query tool configuration

Enter the name or IP address of the time client your wish to connect to. Then click the PresenTense Session tab to begin issuing commands to the client.

query tool command pane

The basic command syntax is <command> <parameter> <value>. To check if logging is enabled on the time client, you would enter "get logging" in the Command field as indicated above and click Send. The client´s response is indicated in the Remote Reply field. In the event that network communication cannot be established, the Remote Reply field will show "- no reply -".

Please refer to the Command Dictionary for details on individual query commands.

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