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Windows Time Server


Are version upgrades free ?

Upgrades within the major version number are free. This includes bug fixes and patches. Example: If you purchased product version 4.1 (major version number four), then upgrades to version 5.1 through 5.x are free. Such updates are available to licensed users upon request.  With the release of version 6.0, an upgrade license will be required.

Will PresenTense keep my PC's synchronized without user intervention ?        

Yes, PresenTense Time Server and PresenTense Time Client for Windows operate as system services. PresenTense98 operates as a simple service under Windows 95 and Windows 98. All are designed to start at boot time and operate before user log on and after the user has logged off, thus keeping your PC's synchronized at all times.

Why operate separate server and client versions of PresenTense ?

Theoretically, you could install the server software on all PC's on your network and synchronize to a single time source as PresenTense Time server has both server and client components. However, this would enable individual users on your network to offer time services on your network and is not a very cost effective solution.

What GPS clocks are presently supported by PresenTense Time server ?

At the time of writing, any generic GPS receiver that communicates via a standard RS-232 serial connection using the NMEA 0183 protocol and emits the GPRMC or GPGGA sentences is supported. Using the free NTP4 Plug-In with PresenTense Time Server, a wider range of hardware clocks is supported. See NTP4 Plug-In Drivers .

Where does PresenTense Time Server obtain accurate time ?

As with any other clock, the BIOS clock of your PC is subject to a gradual drift. This means PresenTense Time Server cannot rely on the PC's system clock for accurate timing information. Instead it must be able to query an accurate time source for precise timing information. Such accurate time source are typically an atomic clock on the internet or a locally operated Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.

Does PresenTense Time Server operate through a firewall ?

Yes. Please ask your system administrator to open ports 123 and 37 depending on the protocol you have selected. Specifically, you will need port forwarding for port 123 if you are using Internet Time Server or NTP4. In today's stringent time requirements, it is unlikely that you will need port 37 as that is TCP/UDP time.